Camping de la Claysse - Swimming pool & river Swimming pool and river

The swimming pool

As a matter of interest…

The swimming pool is located on the site of the old family garden, halfway to the oil mill.
This garden was watered by the canal that supplied the family oil mill with water from the river.

A remarkable natural setting

  • An original curved design, the swimming pool integrates well into its setting. In addition to comfortable sun loungers and bamboo-type parasols, the area allows the happy holidaymakers at the 4-star Camping de la Claysse to enjoy a breath-taking panorama: lying on your lounger, you’ll be able to see the castle, the river and the rock faces.
  • At any time of the day, those who like to laze around will also benefit from maximum sunshine, thanks to the well-designed orientation.

At the pool, we offer you…

  • First of all, absolute security, thanks to the integral fence with access through a secure gate.
  • For your pleasure, we offer comfortable and aesthetic facilities: sun loungers, tables, parasols.
  • For your children and yourself, the pool is shallow at the edges (1.20m), with a depth of 2m in the centre of the pool.
  • For your enjoyment, there are aqua-gym classes, water games and generous opening hours (10am to 8pm).
  • To create atmosphere, the lighting creates a magical atmosphere at night.

To note

The pool is open from May 15th until September 15th.

The river

Along the Claysse River…

The Claysse has its source in Saint André de Cruzières and is part of the network of resurgences from the Cocalière cave in Courry.

With a course of just over 21 km, it flows into the Cèze, itself a tributary of the Rhône.

Our beautiful river flows through the village of Saint Sauveur and, as a result, through our 4-star Camping de la Claysse.


In a natural setting of rare beauty, you can access the river through a specially-designed swimming area within the campsite.

The story about its origins is that a dam was built on the family property where the 4-star La Claysse campsite is located today. This was done in order to design a canal that would allow water from the river to be fed into a basin near the oil mill. This basin was designed simply to operate the family oil mill.

Today, this is where you can access the river swimming area within the campsite.